Graduation Speech 2005

Distinguished Guests, Dr Fathi Abu Arja, Dear Teachers and Colleagues.

As l stand before you on this special day, I would like to voice my appreciation as well as of my colleagues for the wonderful years we all spent at Arab Model Schools.

We grew together through a great educational system, a loving environment, and modern ways of behavior steering and management. The long daily hours we all spent at the A.M.S for years and years made this school our second home. Twelve years of our school life helped in shaping our personalities and in directing us towards the appropriate goals for future accomplishments.

I am delighted that so many of our graduates were able to be with us in person for this remarkable day, but equally happy that so many others were connected to us and one another on the websites. A.M.S and its graduates have lived and practiced a mission that puts a premium on success, on social change, on diversity and on integrity. As we all choose our different paths, I wish every one of you the best.

Let’s keep in touch, and let’s make our parents and teachers proud and content that their efforts, time and money were actually rewarded. Good luck to all of you and remember the sky is the limit.


Thank you

Muna Al-Khateddb


Graduation Speech

      As I stand before you, I am filled with admiration and pride for being part of this extraordinary establishment that has exemplified service and faith throughout many years.

     I wonder how I will ever be able to thank those people who devoted their lives to prepare us for the challenges ahead. Those who have always had the vision and ambition to do the impossible. I am speechless because words are never enough to thank our beloved parents and teachers who helped us become shining stars in the future’s sky!.

     The time has finally come. We have to face the end of twelve beautiful years full of bitter-sweet memories. But I truly believe that these memories will be the light shining brightly through our lives. These ever lasting, colorful and vivid memories are definitely hard to forget. And now we leave, loaded with goodbyes and good wishes in order to make way for the next batch, and marching proudly into the real world, armed with independence, self –confidence and spirit of defiance that Arab Model Schools has instilled in us.

     Today we conclude the very first chapter of our lives only to start a far more majestic one, one that we should fill up with great actions, and when you do finally reach the peak of your life’s work you will see that whatever you create will be called a masterpiece. This is your reward your perseverance. Only then you will remember the throng of your parents, teachers and friends, who have been providing insight to you from the start and begin to truly appreciate their presence.

     Then, you will remember that your art work started here at Arab Model Schools, a home full of wonderful people and numerous accomplishments. People that I will cherish to the end of my life and accomplishments that I will never be able to sum, for they far outnumber the seconds that

have elapsed while we were here.

Raya Abu-Hasssn